Conducting assessment on identifying the scale of climate change adaptation in Kyrgyzstan


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Крайний срок: 22/10/2020

Total LLC Recruitment Company invites professional specialists to participate in the competition of the assessment service provision for Mercy Corps international organization as detailed below.



Mercy Corps plans to purchase services of local professional(s) to undertake an analysis of the current ‘landscape’ of climate change policy, programs and actors in Kyrgyzstan and provide recommendations on the priority areas of intervention and engagement in this sector for Mercy Corps/SIBELIUS. The professionals  should undertake 1) Situational analysis on climate change projects and initiatives implemented in Kyrgyzstan, which maps out current actors active in the climate change adaptation sector and reviews on-going and accomplished projects and initiatives; 2) Review of state regulations, including national programs and policies, related to climate change adaptation in Kyrgyzstan; 3) Identify opportunities and role of Earth Observation data in the Climate Change Adaptation initiatives in Kyrgyzstan. The assessment will be conducted by national independent professional(s) based in Kyrgyzstan under the leadership of and coordination with Mercy Corps in Europe and SIBELIUs team in UK.

For this purpose, selected professional(s) is expected to perform the following services:

  1. Situational analysis in Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in Kyrgyzstan:
  2. Mapping stakeholders engaged in climate change programing and on-going, completed and planned programs on climate change in Kyrgyzstan;
  3. Review of recommendations on types and quality of CCA interventions, gaps and barriers to successful implementation and actors that should be engaged;
  4. Identifying opportunities to scale and replicate the SIBELIUS program including potential donors and funding opportunities.
  5. State regulations, programs, and policies:
  6. Mapping of key government actors and departments responsible for Climate Change policy and planning including the National Designated Authority (NDA) for the UNFCCC.
  7. Analyze local legislations related to Climate Change and environmental protections;
  8. Review of the governmental initiatives to comply and adhere the international conventions;
  9. Review of climate finance readiness – progress in accessing funds such as GCF, adaptation fund GEF etc.

Overview of new and upcoming public policies, plans and climate change programs.Duration: Hired Professional(s) will do their service within six-seven weeks from November until middle of December, 2020.

Travels: The given service doesn’t consider a separate budget for travels of the professional(s), therefore, if candidate(s) anticipates any travels to complete the given service, it should be clearly stated at the application stage.

Required qualifications and experience:

  • 3-5 years of consulting experience in at least one technical area covering environmental, natural resource management climate change policy and planning, disaster risk reduction or public sector engagement;
  • Extensive experience on conducting research, desk review, reporting to INGOs;
  • Sound knowledge on the national and international climate change adaptation processes and agreements including the UNFCCC international climate finance bodies and national climate change policies and legislation;
  • Knowledge of the English language at a high level;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, public speaking and presentation skills (relevant experience should be reflected in the resume);
  • Working with modern data collection and data analysis programs is an advantage


Interested candidates must submit the following documents due October 22, 2020

  1. A two-page research methodology/approach describing the process of accomplish the given service/assessment;
  2. Cover Letter describing motivation and accomplishments emphasizing the relevance to this service;
  3. CV/resume of the Professional(s)outlining previous relevant experience and specific tasks the applicant was responsible for;
  4. Contacts of three referees from previous clients; contact information must be up to date;

Short listed candidates will be asked to complete the RFQ form for further selection.

All application documents should be submitted in electronic format to e-mail: resume.project.MK@gmail.com

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