Consultant Development of a Sub-regional report on key challenges, opportunities, and recommendations for renewed policies and action in adult learning and education in Central Asia

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Крайний срок: 21/02/2021

The International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA) has taken place every 12 to 13 years since the late 1940s. The first conference was held in 1949 in Elsinore (Denmark), followed by: Montreal (Canada) in 1960; Tokyo (Japan) in 1972; Paris (France) in 1985; Hamburg (Germany) in 1997; and Belém (Brazil) in December 2009. At the invitation of the Kingdom of Morocco, CONFINTEA VII will take place in Morocco in 2022. It will be the first CONFINTEA since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the most significant event for the international ALE community in the lead-up to 2030, the target year of the United Nations’ sustainable development agenda.

CONFINTEA VII will play a significant role in order to help Member States in achieving the SDGs in gen-eral and SDG 4 on education in particular by adapting a new framework for action that will replace the Belém Framework for Action, which was adopted in the last CONFINTEA VI in 2009 as well as the UNESCO 2015 Recommendation on Adult Learning and Education.
The aim of CONFINTEA VII will be to outline effective ALE policies within a lifelong learning perspective and within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It will encourage Member States to put in place policies, incentives, regulatory frameworks and institutional structures and mecha-nisms to contribute to a culture of human rights, to social justice, shared values and sustainability. In the age of artificial intelligence, special attention will be paid to using information and communication tech-nologies to promote access to ALE and inclusion.

The fifth edition of UNESCO’s Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE 5) is currently in preparation, and will be launched at CONFINTEA VII. GRALE 5 will provide a worldwide overview of the status quo and of key developments from an international perspective. This will be a key input for delib-eration at CONFINTEA VII. GRALE, as a global monitoring tool, will review the implementation of the commitments entrenched in the Belem Framework for Action as well as the UNESCO 2015 Recommen-dation on Adult Learning and Education.

Process leading to the Global Conference from Sub-Regional Conference
2020-2021 Sub-regional consultations (East, Southeast, South, Central and Pacific)
2021 Regional Conference (Asia-Pacific)
2022 Global Conference (Morocco)

The Regional Conferences will prepare the ground for the global conference in Morocco from a regional perspective. All regions will engage in similar preparatory processes, including the formulation of a con-solidated regional synthesis report. These will help to articulate a global perspective for the future de-velopment of ALE, taking the particular needs, experiences and visions at regional level into account.

In this context, in February 2021 UNESCO Almaty will organize the Sub-Regional Consultation for Cen-tral Asian countries with the aim to share and understand the key common issues, innovations, chal-lenges and forward-looking strategies to renew policies and action in youth and adult learning and edu-cation in preparation for the Regional Conference of CONFINTEA VII in 2021. The main output of the Sub-Regional Conference will be the development of an outcome document, which summarizes the specific regional aspects with regard to developments and future perspectives for ALE policy and prac-tice. These represent key inputs to the global conference and will be indispensable for drafting its out-come document. Each region will produce a regional report on adult learning and education that will re-flect the regional specificities and highlight the main regional trends and issues.

Under the overall authority of the Director of UNESCO Almaty and the direct supervision of the Education National Professional Officer, the Consultant(s) shall participate in the Sub-Regional Consultation on Feb-ruary 25th, and afterwards develop a sub-regional report on the topic of key challenges, opportunities, and recommendations for renewed policies and action in adult learning and education in Central Asia as per the following objectives:

1. Assess the specific issues and challenges that the sub-region is facing in ALE;
2. Analyze the impact of COVID 19 on ALE participation, provision and policies;
3. Outline future prospects of ALE with forward looking strategies and direction of ALE in the region and documenting promising innovations, including at the policy level;
4. Identify key priorities for the future of ALE in the sub-region;
5. Suggest areas and mechanisms for sub-regional cooperation.

Required qualifications:
– The consultant(s) shall have a solid and extensive experience working in education sector and be familiar with different education challenges;
– The consultant(s) shall have an experience working in Central Asian context as well as a deep understanding of the education system’s challenges in the region, including Adult Learning and Education issues;
– The consultant(s) shall have excellent oral and written English language skills.

Format requirements:
– Number of pages: up to 50-60 pages;
– Format and outline should be approved by UNESCO Almaty;
– The Sub-regional report should be completed in English and the final version will be translated into Russian.

Deliverables (the final deadlines are subject for discussion)
The Consultant(s) will provide to the UNESCO Almaty and the DVV International Bishkek offices:

  • By 24 February 2021 – Submit the outline of the sub-regional report to UNESCO Almaty / DVV International Bishkek;
  • By 26 March 2021 – Submit the draft sub-regional report to UNESCO Almaty / DVV International Bishkek;
  • By 9 April 2021 – Submit the final sub-regional report for approval to UNESCO Almaty / DVV In-ternational Bishkek.

It is agreed that:
i. any possible bank charges of the contractor shall be charged to the contractual amount;
ii. all payments related to this contract will be done based on UN Exchange Currency Rate;
iii. all expenses exceeded the amount of the contract is the responsibility of the Contractor.

UNESCO and DVV International shall be credited in all possible publicity related to this contract through publications, website and other information supports.
Ensure, upon written consultation with UNESCO and DVV International, that the logos of both organiza-tions are displayed in accordance with the Guidelines on their use.

Application package:
Experts participating in the tender for this evaluation should send the application package by latest 12 February 2021 by e-mail to:
Dr. Thekla Kelbert, Regional Director for Central Asia: kelbert@dvv-international.de, ccing Mr. Ravshan Baratov, Regional Programme Manager for Central Asia: baratov@dvv-international.kg, and Ms. Meirgul Alpbysbaeva, National Education Officer UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office: m.alpysbayeva@unesco.org.

The application package should include the following documents:

  • CV of international expert(s), including references to previous comparable analytical work;
  • • Detailed cost estimation indicating expected daily fees.

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