Company/Team of Researchers for mid-term evaluation

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Company/Team of Researchers for mid-term evaluation


DVV International is the Institute for International Cooperation of the Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V. (DVV), the German Adult Education Association. DVV represents the interests of the approximately 900 adult education centres (Volkshochschulen) and their state associations, the largest further education providers in Germany. As the leading professional organisation in the field of Adult Learning and Education (ALE) and development cooperation, DVV International has committed itself to supporting lifelong learning for more than 50 years. DVV International provides worldwide support for the establishment and development of sustainable structures for ALE.

Background of the project

DVV International started its activities in Central Asia in 2002 and has been active with country programmes in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and with regional measures since. The project approach is geared by the overall aim to contribute to the development of a more efficient and effective adult education system, which contributes towards poverty reduction and sustainable development. Project implementation is structured along the three levels of micro, meso, and macro work. The EU-co-funded project ‘Peaceful Villages Evolvement’ has the main aim of contributing to the mitigation of major threats to sustained peace in Central Asia through the enhancement of peaceful cross-border relations between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. This objective will be achieved by strengthening the resilience of target villages’ residents to hostile rhetoric and (nationalistic, religious) radicalization potentially leading to violent conflict and extremism in two conflict-prone border countries (Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan) through the creation of favourable conditions.

Project Activities

  1. Strengthening the operational and institutional capacity of Kyrgyz and Tajik CSOs and on enhancing coordination (networking) among them in reducing factors causing radicalization potentially leading to violent conflict and extremism.
  2. Creation of viable and effectively operating community-based structures (ATC/CLDC), spaces for community security dialogue, social development and community mobilization will be established which can also serve as a platform for cooperation between state and non-state actors.
  3. Offers of global citizenship education, education for the prevention of violent extremism and community security dialogue, women, youth, and traditional leaders will be empowered in fostering cross-border confidence-building and in addressing conflict.
  4. A business development component in the cross-border region will improve cooperation and support mutual economic interests of Kyrgyz and Tajik communities, leading to joint business development.

Purpose and objectives of the mid-term evaluation

The main purpose of this external mid-term evaluation is to provide an independent assessment of the progress to date, through an analysis of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, effects and orientation towards impact of the project.

The evaluation’s main goal is to analyse and assess project achievements towards the objectives set in the initial project proposal. Furthermore, the evaluation should review and assess the relevance of the project activities, the track towards achievement of the expected results, and their perspectives for sustainability. It should include a reflection about lessons learnt so far, and challenges encountered, to make recommendations for the further steering of the project. The objectives and outcomes will be evaluated on the basis of the information laid out in the Logical Framework Matrix.

The evaluation should ideally take place in June-July, 2021. Exact process and timetable are subject to joint agreement with successful bidder.

The evaluation and its recommendations shall be a useful tool of information for the project implementing agency – DVV International and its partners – NGO “Adult Education Association of Tajikistan”, Public Union “Youth of Osh” and respective state agencies, as well as for relevant donor agencies.

Detailed information: Tender_DVVI_KR_mid-term evaluation

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