Procurement of ICT Equipment

International Development Law Organization

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Крайний срок: 19/08/2021

The International Law Development Organization hereby solicits your bid for ICT Equipment for IDLO Kyrgyzstan Country Office.

Proposals shall be submitted to the following secure e-mail address: tenders@idlo.int no later than August 19, 2021, 15:00 hours Rome local time with ITB N_58_2021_KYR mentioned in the subject.

Bidders requesting any clarification/s on provisions stipulated in this ITB shall communicate those in writing to tenders@idlo.int not later than 72 hours prior to the deadline for submission of bids. Please ensure that the instructions for submitting bids are followed exactly. Bids received after the closing date, in any other format or submitted to any other IDLO resource will be disqualified.

This invitation to bid is subject to IDLO General Terms & Conditions for the procurement of Services attached hereto.

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