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Call for Implementing Partner

The OSCE Programme office in Bishkek

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Крайний срок: 09/03/2020


This call is announced by the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek (POiB) for a competitive selection of local non-government and non-partisan organizations registered or legally organized under the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic and owned by citizens or lawful permanent residents of the Kyrgyz Republic. Only the information requested in this call will be reviewed.

The POiB is in quest of examining the capacity of local partners for evaluation of infrastructure accessibility for persons with disabilities (PwD) to buildings, roads, transportation and other indoor and outdoor facilities based on the construction standards and regulations (CSR). The Project on “Promoting Economic Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR)” is supporting the Kyrgyz Republic in further upholding of rights of persons with disabilities and integration. The project foresees one local non-government and non-partisan organizations as an Implementing Partner (IP) for carrying out following tasks:

  1. Accessibility map application is developed for Bishkek and Osh  in cooperation with 2 GIS by managing the participatory community assessment and spread among key population;
  2. Recruit, coordinate and motivate active volunteers and PwD activists participating in the community accessibility assessment;

iii.       Develop and disseminate awareness-raising materials on accessibility, including media campaigns on accessibility in Bishkek and Osh;

  1. Organize sports and inclusive events with participation of PwD, youth, opinion-builders, bloggers and other active groups.
  2. Build capacity of PWD on the topic of the rights of persons with disabilities, gender aspects, and how to cope with difficult/crisis life situations.

Potential partners interested to receive Terms of Reference are kindly requested to contact the OSCE at the e-mail address: ilias.vadud@osce.org

Please address your queries or questions in writing at the e-mail address given above and kindly refrain from any telephone calls or personal visits.

Proposals must be delivered in the sealed envelope with the reference RFQ-IP-KYR-20-014 to the below specified addresses on or before 9 March 2020, 12:00, local time.

6, Ryskulov Str.; 720001 Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

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