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WTO GPA Consultant

Fiscal Accountability and Sustainable Trade Project

Description of DevTech

DevTech Systems, Inc. (DevTech) is an international consulting firm dedicated to development, with over 30 years of experience providing advisory services and technical assistance to government, private sector, and civil society stakeholders in more than 100 countries. We are a data-driven evidence-based organization that specializes in informing policy making by delivering focused data-driven evidence-based analysis products and services.  DevTech core practice areas include Economic and Data analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, Education and Youth Development, Gender and Inclusive Development, and Public Financial Management.

Description of FAST

FAST is a task-driven project that supports rapid, sustainable, and equitable economic growth in USAID-assisted countries by enabling USAID to bring a systems approach to addressing PFM (public revenue, budget, expenditure, and debt), trade capacity building, macroeconomic planning and policies, and other economic governance issues, such as regulatory reform, and by supporting missions to improve the following: a) host-country capacity to mobilize revenue and provide public services; b) policy climates for investment that generate more productive employment and inclusive growth, including consideration of issues specific to women and other disadvantaged populations; c) host-country ability to recover from, prevent, and/or mitigate the impact of conflict, natural disasters, or fiscal crises; d) host-country institutional capacity to identify, design, advocate, and implement better economic policies to enhance inclusive growth and gender equity. DevTech Systems, Inc. (DevTech) is the prime implementer of the FAST project.

“Effective Public Procurement for Kyrgyzstani Taxpayers” is a task under FAST which seeks to improve self-reliance of Kyrgyz Republic by improving public procurement systems. The project seeks reforms in public procurement systems and processes to increase efficiency and transparency, and reduce corruption, as well as enable civic engagement in the conduct of public procurement operations.

The project has two objectives.

Objective One: Increase efficiency and transparency of public procurement

Objective Two: Enable civic engagement and oversight over the public procurement


  • Review and analyze public procurement law (PPL) of the Kyrgyz Republic and identify areas and clauses for consistency/inconsistency with the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) including legislation on public procurement, and other relevant requirements.
  • Draft analysis of the gaps, overlaps, and other legal and regulatory changes needed for a successful accession
  • Develop draft laws, regulations and processes for the public procurement law based on the review and analysis
  • Develop harmonization of PPL and other relevant regulations in public procurement with the WTO GPA.
  • Conduct analysis of the regulatory impact of the accession of the Kyrgyz Republic to the WTO GPA.
  • Develop analysis of risks for local producers in the case of the Kyrgyz Republic accession
  • Assist in improving functionalities of e-portal to comply with the requirements of the WTO GPA
  • Identify economic, political, and social implications of the Kyrgyz Republic accession to the WTO GPA; and
  • Develop a consolidated package of Kyrgyz Republic offer to join the WTO GPA.


  • Analysis of the regulatory impact of the accession to WTO GPA
  • Analysis of legal and regulators acts including identifying overlaps and gaps in the PPL in relation to the requirements of the WTO GPA
  • Development of a consolidated and comprehensive “Package of the Kyrgyz Republic Offer” to join the WTO GPA


  • Undergraduate degree in economics, business administration or related field
  • Minimum of 8 years of professional work experience in public procurement reforms
  • Advance knowledge of public procurement systems, legal and institutional framework and international best practices
  • Experience working with government institutions
  • Proficiency in English and Russian languages
  • Attention to detail, accuracy, and organizational skills
  • A forward-thinking and pro-active approach to working
  • Excellent computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (e.g., PowerPoint, Word, and Excel)
  • Ability to work in a diverse team and in pressure

Level of Effort:

The candidate is expected to work for up to 40 days between February and April 2021.

Due to the urgency to fill this role, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and we reserve to close this advert before the confirmed closing date when we are in receipt of sufficient application.

Please send CV and Cover letter to Terrence Porter: tporter@devtechsys.com and mention the position title in the email subject.

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