Local Short-Term Technical Assistance (STTA): Economic Policy Analysis Support to the Parliament

ACDI/VOCA Representative Office in Kyrgyz Republic | USAID Enterprise Competitiveness Project

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Крайний срок: 17/04/2021

The USAID Enterprise Competitiveness Project (ECP or “project”) is a five-year initiative that increases the income levels of Kyrgyzstani households through the creation of jobs and livelihood opportunities among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). By accelerating inclusive, market-led growth, the project increases the competitiveness of Kyrgyzstani SMEs, facilitates their access to markets, catalyzes investments, builds opportunities for women and youth, and improves the business environment.

To improve the business enabling environment, ECP facilitates a dialogue between agencies of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and the private sector, including business associations, sectoral representatives, and other institutions. Strengthening the enabling environment for private sector development can lead to a more robust formal economy, greater access to capital, increased business innovation and advances through technology, investment, and innovations, and increased trade with regional and international markets.

Purpose of The Assignment

On October 6, 2020, the Central Election Committee annulled the results of the parliamentary elections conducted on October 4th, 2020.  As a result, the current Parliament is set to serve until new Parliament elected through new elections, which has not been scheduled yet. In this transition period, the parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic continues to review the policies, including economic, which are lacking the required expert support for overall situation.

The main purpose of the technical assistance to Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic is to provide expertise in preparing both legal and economic analysis of economic policies reviewed by the parliament. The expert group consisting of two legal advisors, two economist, and one expert in Regulatory Impact Analysis would be hired for a period of five (5) months to review the draft laws regulating business activities in various spheres on timely manner to ensure the proposed pieces of law are not creating additional constraints for small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship in general.

The experts will work on demand-based approach and would be required to consult with ECP and USAID on each economic policy to be provided with economic and legal analysis. This would ensure policies addressed through expert group are pro-business and do not create any hurdles for business development.

Specific tasks

The solicited expert group will be hired to work with parliamentarians engaged in designing economic policies for strengthening business enabling environment. The expert group will be tasked to provide analysis using Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) methodology for each draft economic policy. In addition, each reviewed policy must go through a public discussion with relevant business community.

Under this technical assistance, the expert group is expected of following:


  • Conduct Regulatory Impact Analysis for each reviewed draft policy related to economic policies. The list of policies, areas of interventions should be concurred prior with the ECP point of Contact. Before ECP’s concurrence of the areas of legislative changes and the direction of changes, the work cannot start.
  • Drafting of regulatory legal acts.
  • Conducting necessary consultations, discussions, communication activities, presentations of developments for stakeholders from private sector to ensure that opinions and interests, as well as possible suggestions, are considered. The legislations in question must adhere to the best principles of doing business and decisions should be made inclusively.
  • Expert support to revising the drafts laws during the public readings in the Jogorku Kenesh KR.
  • Review of draft regulatory legal act initiated by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, to find opportunities to incorporate solicited recommendations.
  • Participation in the meetings and events initiated by the Parliamentarians.
  • Packaging of final documents to submit to the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • USAID has the right to suspend the work of the Consultant based on the availability of funds and the appearance of reputational risks.


Since the nature of work will be demand driven (i.e., ad-hoc) the expert group will be asked to submit monthly report, which would include narrative describing the scope of work delivered and attached draft laws and RIAs.

  1. Inception Report will include methodology and approaches used by the expert group, which are approved by ECP and USAID.
  1. Monthly Report #1 – Description of activities and list of draft policies addressed during this month.
  2. Monthly Report #2 – Description of activities and list of draft policies addressed during this month.
  3. Monthly Report #3 – Description of activities and list of draft policies addressed during this month.
  4. Monthly Report #4 – Description of activities and list of draft policies addressed during this month.
  5. Monthly Report #5 – Description of activities and list of draft policies addressed during this month.
  6. Final Report – Narrative Report describing activities and list of policies addressed during this technical assistance.


  1. All reports that require submission in English as noted in the Deliverables section above must be submitted with both Russian and high-quality English translations. All translation costs for reports must be built into the total fixed cost of the contract.
  2. Reports must first be approved by the client before payment.

NOTE: The Annexes of actual draft laws and analysis should be submitted in Russian only.


This assignment will require approximately 5 months, including preparation and report-writing days.

Required Qualifications

Requirements for organizations. The years of experience listed below are qualifications as a firm, not by individuals within the company:

  • Specialization in providing analytical and expert services in the field of state regulation of business activities.
  • Legal entity registered in the Kyrgyz Republic with necessary material and technical resources for carrying out the SoW.
  • Experience performing economic and financial analysis.

Requirements for qualified experts/consultants:

  • Knowledge of and preferably at least 10 years of experience with legal analysis, RIA, and economic analysis.
  • Proof of performing economic and financial analysis.
  • Experience of cooperation with industry associations and companies from tourism sector and another economic sector.

To apply for tender, please fill out attached RFP forms in English and Russian and submit to the email: hr.ecpkg@gmail.com, with the subject line STTA Economic Policy Analysis Support to the Parliament”.  The deadline for applications of  technical Proposals is April 17, 2021. No phone call please.