Local Short Term Technical Assistance “Local Equipment Specialist”

ACDI/VOCA Representative Office in Kyrgyz Republic, USAID Enterprise Competitiveness Project

Разное Юридические и консультационные услуги | Услуги экспертов и специалистов
Крайний срок: 01/07/2021

The USAID Enterprise Competitiveness Project is a five-year initiative that aims to accelerate sales growth and increase job creation among Kyrgyzstani small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The USAID ECP will partner with end markets, SMEs, business development/advisory service providers, government agencies, associations, and other market actors who are willing to co-invest to accelerate inclusive, market-led growth by fostering a system that increases market access and competitiveness, catalyze investment, unlocks opportunities for women and youth, builds skills, and encourages a more enabling business environment.

The ECP has four core interventions:

1. End-Market Linkages
2. Expanding SMEs’ Human and Social Capital: Firm-Level Support
3. Expanding Financial Capital: Support to Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) and Non-Traditional
4. Creating a More Enabling Business Environment
To help partners reduce risks of equipment failure and resolve issues related to functioning of equipment, acquired with USAID Enterprise Competitiveness Project support, Project intends to hire a local short term technical expert (STTA) with strong polytechnical background.

Purpose of Assignment
STTA will assist Project staff and partner SMEs and organizations to assist with equipment related issues,
ensure proper installation and functioning of the equipment that was acquired with ECP support, identify and resolve issues related to functioning of equipment. Equipment is related to mainly agriculture, apparel and other sectors.

Qualification requirements

  •  Good knowledge of modern technology, processes and machinery in agriculture and other sectors;
  •  Minimum 5 years of hands-on experience in running and maintenance of agriculture and other sectors equipment;
  •  At least bachelor’s degree or equivalent in food processing machinery, mechanical or industrial engineering; master’s degree is an asset.
  • Ability to apply sound engineering principles to equipment troubleshooting;
  •  Strong analytical & troubleshooting skills;
  • Strong written & verbal communication skills
  • Ability to travel domestically
  • Fluent knowledge of Russian and Kyrgyz, English is an asset

Timing and LOE
This assignment will require approximately 40 days of LOE with option for extension, and include travel days and report-writing. The STTA will be visiting project partner per request from cognizant Project staff.

Specific Tasks

  1.  Assist the ECP partners to identify need in right type of equipment and choose the most efficient technology and equipment available and applicable to the country specifics.
  2.  Assist the ECP and ECP partners to prepare neutral technical specifications to use for solicitation process.
  3. Assist the ECP staff with technical expertise when evaluating the quotations from vendors.
  4. Per request from relevant Project staff monitor installation, utilization and maintenance of equipment at partners’ facilities to prevent improper functioning or failure of main equipment;
  5. Assist partners to resolve issues related to functioning, and optimal use of equipment;
  6. Assist Project staff in optimization of Project’s support in upgrading equipment and infrastructure/premises;
  7.  As necessary, assist partners in sourcing of equipment, spare parts and consumables;
  8.  Provide technical report each time assistance (technical and advisory) is provided to ECP;


  •  Reports on monitoring installation, exploitation and maintenance of equipment at partners’ facilities, resolution of issues related to functioning, optimal use and efficiency of equipment
  •  Technical specifications for the equipment, machines and commodities.
  • Technical expertise on evaluation of quotations from vendors
  •  Acts of inspection and acceptance of equipment obtained by partners;
  • Final technical report on assignment and timesheets;


To apply, please send a resume and cover letter with the subject line “STTA Local Equipment Specialist” to the email: hr.ecpkg@gmail.com The deadline for applications is July 01, 2021 17:30 pm. No phone call please.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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