Call for proposals to conduct a mid-term assessment of tourism service providers of the project «Visit Jalal – Abad»

OO "Youth of Osh"

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Крайний срок: 28/07/2021

Public Association “Youth of Osh” requests proposals to conduct  a mid-term assessment of tourism service providers of the project «Visit Jalal – Abad».

Youth of Osh considers evaluation as an integral part of the project implementation. The mid-term evaluation is for the purpose of accountability, learning and planning and building knowledge. It should be conducted in the context of criteria and approaches for international development assistance as established by: the OECD/DAC Evaluation Quality Standard.

The main purpose of this mid-term evaluation is to provide an assessment of the progress to date, through an analysis of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, effects and orientation to impact of the project. The specific objectives of the evaluation are the following:

  • Evaluation of overall performance against the objectives and outcomes of the project presented in the project document and other related documents;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the project;
  • Study of existing plans to achieve the overall goal of the project in a timely manner;
  • Assessment of the sustainability of the measures implemented under the project;
  • Description and documentation of preliminary lessons learned in terms of project design, implementation and management;
  • Providing advice on future project activities and, if necessary, on implementation and management mechanisms;
  • Presentation of lessons learned for the future.
  • Need assessment of the project beneficiaries (tourism service providers) for training and other measures to improve their capacity to expand services and increase profitability.

In particular, the evaluation will assess the progress of the project and identify difficulties in project implementation and their causes, and will present recommended corrective action plans.

Detailed ToR.

All the interested companies/organizations/experts/ to participate in this call are requested to send their offers in Russian or English languages until 17:30 (Kyrgyzstan time) of July 28, 2021 (Friday) electronically to the following e-mail address: j.mamasharipova@youthofosh.kg

Sent offers should include:

  • Both Technical and Financial proposals not more than 3~4 pages;
  • Detailed technical proposal will include proposed methodology indicating the overall process including sampling, quality assurance, time frame, etc. for undertaking the whole assignment;
  • Clear work plan including outputs/deliverables with detailed time frames;
  • The financial proposal will include detailed budget containing total costs as per man-day rates in Euro, travel, accommodation and per diem costs, and leaving a realistic margin for local travel and translation if needed and any other costs anticipated in undertaking process of the assignment;
  • Detailed CV(s) of person(s) involved in assignment with full description of the profile and experience;
  • Contact details from at least two independent referees with in-depth and proven knowledge of the applicant’s expertise and relevant work experience;
  • Sample of relevant international and national studies/assignment previously produced.

All the questions regarding the call can be sent to email: j.mamasharipova@youthofosh.kg no later than July 28th.

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